“Born in La Reunion, raised between New Caledonia, Colombia, Tunisia, France, the US and Canada, it’s in the Netherlands that I have stayed the longest. Worked in different areas, from the automotive to the IT industry, fashion to high end strollers, I never planned to work as an agent. Before the birth of my first child I was endlessly reading gorgeous blogs like Mamabears (which now does not exists), Dear Olive, Pepito mi Corazon, etc… The children’s world moves my heart. After the birth of my second child I decided to start with one, then two brands, slowly but surely… and shortly Little June was born… Passions: design, music, travel, food, running, dancing and Aperol ;-)”

“Born and raised in Germany I moved to the Netherlands at age 14. Art & design always played a big role in my life, so attending Art School was a natural choice. Through different jobs I found my way to identity and magazine design as a freelance Art Director; creating new concepts for brands and magazines, giving creative advise on positioning and identy. But becoming a mother introduced me to a new colourful world of brands and a passion was born. So when Annabel asked me to be her creative sidekick I full heartedly said yes… Passions: photograhpy, art, knitting, travel, hiking & chocolate”